Employee Benefits

The Construction Industry's Benefit Plan

The benefit plan was built specifically for the construction industry in BC. The CIBP offers two tiers of very comprehensive coverage designed to provide rich benefits to meet and exceed your employees’ needs while offering very competitive and predictable pricing to help you manage your unit costs.

Build Your Own Plan

Finding the right group benefit package at the right price for your company can be a complicated and frustrating process. Call us today to see how we can create a fully customized plan for your small business featuring wholesale pricing and the protection of large group pooling.

Already Have Your Own Plan?

This is when you need our consulting services. We review plan design, utilisation, pricing, services, and make recommendations compared to current market conditions. Whether a small, mid-size or large employer, we customize our level of consulting services and team to fit you.

Owner/Operator Plan

A top-shelf program for small businesses with 1 or 2 employees. We know how hard it can be for small companies to find a benefits plan. Find out how we provide you with the pricing and service typically reserved for big business!

Health Reimbursement Plans

The Health Reimbursement Plan (HRP) takes that coverage one step further by allowing you to strengthen your coverage with valuable tax savings. Your group plan lets you provide your plan members with comprehensive, cost-effective benefits coverage.

The Green Benefit Plan

Are you carbon neutral and want to ensure your entire supply chain is? We have a program for that. Learn More!


More then fifty employees at your company? Find out more about how we work to service our larger firms.