Plan Enhancements

Plan Enhancements

Found an amazing benefit plan for your team, but want to add on to it? ICBA Benefits offers a number of enhancements to make sure you and your team are well protected. Health Reimbursement Plans, Critical AD&D, additional life insurance, and much more – we have a solution for you and your employees.

Health Reimbursement Plans

Our Health Reimbursement Plans (HRP) allows you to take your existing group plan to the next level – an effective, tax-friendly way to supplement health, dental and vision coverage. Does an employee need an extra pair of glasses? Or to cover off a deductible? Or some special orthodontics? HRPs can help them defray that cost.

We can even add a Wellness Reimbursement Plan, offering your employees an incentive to take proactive steps to better their mental and physical health.

Critical AD&D

No one wants to talk about scary things like cancer, heart attacks, strokes, or accidental death and dismemberment. ICBA Benefits offers a product we hope you will never have to access.

We can’t deny the numbers. Cancer is responsible for more than a quarter of all deaths in Canada. Every 10 minutes, someone in Canada suffers a stroke. And 35,000 Canadians will have a heart attack this year – enough people to fill an NHL hockey rink twice. So chances are, someone you know and employ will experience one of these issues sometime during their working career.

ICBA Benefits’ Critical AD&D Benefit combines two essential insurance products into one. It helps you and your employees handle the costs of critical illnesses or diseases.

Other Product Top-Ups

ICBA Benefits can add other coverage such as additional life insurance and disability coverage for employers, workers and dependents. This flexibility gives your company the options it needs to protect your people best.

Specialized Risk Insurance

Special risk insurance is used for:

  • MSP bridge coverage for newcomers to the province
  • Group benefit plans that do not cover temporary foreign workers
  • Employees of Canadian-based companies working abroad for extended periods or in countries where group insurance travel coverage does not apply

Executive Benefit Packages

Some of the coverage options that may be specific to an executive class could include a combination of traditional and non-traditional benefits such as:

  • Group disability top-up
  • Medical second opinion services
  • Personal spending account (health & recreational memberships, sports equipment, etc.)
  • International life, disability, health & dental benefits
  • Health assessment & management services
  • Private health services plan
  • Diagnostics & specialists access insurance
  • Partner’s life coverage (Buy/sell insurance)
  • Key Person Insurance – generally, critical person insurance comes in the form of term life insurance or disability insurance and would be owned and paid for by the company
  • Personal life & disability coverage

Financial Management

At ICBA Benefits, we understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique and that managing wealth can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why we offer personal financial planning services from advisors with a broad range of expertise and in-depth knowledge suited to individual circumstances.


  • Being able to offer these types of benefits has been an integral part of us recruiting and retaining employees. It gives me comfort knowing that I have a team of ICBA professionals behind me that not only have my best interests at heart but those of my employees.

    Building LogoLaura StantonAWG Northern Industries
  • Our company did not fit inside the typical insurance needs box, and the ICBA team found solutions that work perfectly for us. Anytime we have concerns, we have support from their team. We happily recommend ICBA Benefits!

    Building LogoWerner FriesenBert’s Electric
  • Not only was ICBA Benefits able to find a more viable solution for us from a cost perspective, but they provided us with a detailed report that outlined how our plan design measured up in comparison to the industry, and they brought to our attention some deficiencies our prior plan had that we didn’t know existed.

    Building LogoMike KaskRDM Enterprises Group
  • Our employees are our most valuable asset… they get comprehensive coverage and great customer service, and we get the benefit of accessing a growing and thriving benefits pool, with the flexibility of the hour-bank model.

    Building LogoRon ChambersChambers Electric
  • ICBA is always there to provide professional and friendly service and support with our benefit plan needs. They know our business and bring their expertise to ensure that our benefits solutions are tailored to the needs of our staff.

    Building LogoSteve LuxBrighter Mechanical
  • Since placing our business, and through our many dealings with ICBA staff and management over the years, we have come to appreciate their expertise, the diverse range of products they offer, and their extremely competitive premiums. The team at ICBA Benefits continues to exceed our expectations.

    Building LogoScott JacobJacob Bros Construction
  • We received a very detailed plan comparison, and ICBA took the time to come to our office to explain all the differences, similarities and provided us with information on which plan would be more beneficial to us. After a short discussion, we made the decision to move over to ICBA Benefits, and the onboarding has been extremely smooth.

    Building LogoTammy AyreJohnston Davison Architecture + Planning Inc.
  • The commitment to client service and availability that the team at ICBA Benefits has demonstrated over the years has been extremely useful. I would happily recommend as a benefits solutions provider to any corporation.

    Building LogoStacy KoehlerCarbert Waite LLP
  • Year after year, in addition to the up-to-date industry knowledge they provide, they have consistently proactively found cost savings measures in balance with providing great service and benefits to our company and employees.

    Building LogoSarah PurdyStoughton Fire Protection Ltd.
  • ICBA administers our site benefits plan and partner closely with us. We are incredibly appreciative of their responsiveness and prompt customer service whenever we have needed assistance.

    Building LogoDave PearsonBeedie
  • ICBA has always been honest, forthcoming and has had very valuable insights in navigating our needs with respect to the health benefits for our employees. As a small business owner, the world of insurance and benefits is often difficult to navigate. With the support and fantastic client service provided by ICBA, we have found what we feel is the best solution for our business.

    Building LogoDavid PastorAxis Mechanical Ltd.
  • For the past 8 years, ICBA has proven to be a high-quality benefits management company.  They offer efficient and friendly customer service whether it be for a small question or larger issue, you can depend on their professionalism.

    Building LogoLeslie BrachmanDeaf & Hear Alberta
  • As a small business owner, I appreciate the time and dedication ICBA takes to make my team feel like family and not just a client. ICBA appreciates the value of my time and money, and I recommend you review their service offerings as they continue to do things right, time and time again.

    Building LogoDoug ThubronNBI Solutions
  • The time was taken to understand the uniqueness of our organization and what our specific needs were. ICBA has continued to monitor our plan and make adjustments as necessary to provide the best value in coverage and costs for us and our employees.

    Building LogoRon UhlenbergRidley’s Cycles
  • ICBA is consistently timely and responsive to questions, as well as helpful with staff transitions. Their ability to assist with working out benefits for LTD and negotiating a good price for our benefits package has been remarkable. Their positive and caring attitude makes them a pleasure to work with at all times.

    Building LogoAndrea SilvermanSagesse
  • ICBA is absolutely willing to make personal visits at any time so that our questions are answered and needs are met. I have had staff in my office gushing about how much they like the service provided… They are flexible, understanding, forward-thinking, and their customer service cannot be topped.

    Building LogoNoreen BarrosYouthLink Calgary Police Interpretive Centre
  • ICBA is always extremely helpful to both my benefits team as well as the employees that reach out to them directly, and I am and always will be extremely grateful for their customer support. They have proven themselves to be a fantastic group of people in terms of service and in making sure that our plan stays current and relative to the ever-changing times.

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